My head feels like a brick today.  That’s the only way I can describe this headache. 

Trying to knock done things off the to do list for the wedding but migraines are hard to see/think/move through. 

I’m going to get my ass up and paint my toe nails.  That will be an easy thing to knock off the list.

Then if I head out to get my prescription filled I’m sure I can knock a few other things off the list on the way there and back. 

We practice a few test recipes for the chocolate fountain.  The fruit’s a given but we’re going to have bacon as the star there!  Chantel will be testing that out.  With all my love for bacon I can’t manage to cook a single strip successfully. 

I got everything to test a few different recipes for the salads in the oranges.  I’ll do that tomorrow.

My cousin’s are going to photograph the parts of the wedding that Colleen can’t (being a bridesmaid would give those ceremony photos an…odd..angle).  We’ll make a shot list tonight and tomorrow and get that to them.

Verified what we would do in case our officiant couldn’t get her paperwork properly in order on time. Check.

Researching our honeymoon in order to make a list of what I need to pack has made me both extremely excited and filled me with trepidation.  The resort looks amazing!  Florida’s awesome but a week of being pampered?  I personally would have chosen maybe a missionary type thing but I’m certainly not going to argue against Ken’s long time wish to go to Sandals!  This is a lot more research than I thought, the reviews and packing checklists add on a lot more details that will make the trip way smoother if known about and prepared for ahead of time.


I have the packing list completed but it hadn’t previously occurred to me that we needed to pack sunscreen, an extra bag to bring souvenirs home, or a copy of all our id’s and such.  I hadn’t known that not checking in ahead of time gives you a higher chance of a room upgrade for free.  I also didn’t know that the dress code is very strict or how important it is to make reservations at the restaurants as soon as possible.

Made copies of our itinerary and my ids.  Hung the itinerary on the fridge for my family.  Will pack the copies of my paperwork in my suitcase. Check.

Read a little about Antigua also.  Columbus discovered it (people already there but he was the first from Europe) in 1493?  That makes nooooo sense to me.

Shows how much more I have to learn!

It was hard to stay calm today.  The problem is my youngest sister lets the house get really unruly.  I’m not sure if I should be getting mad though since she has improved a lot and she doesn’t seem to be just lazing around.  I don’t like my house looking like a crazy person’s domain though. Ha. 

Also I found out today that we get to spend some time out at the ranch coming up at the end of the week.  That’s always amazing.  Since they’re going to be a major part of- if not the entire -set up crew for the wedding maybe we should just move the wedding stuff out that way? 


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