Ken and I “talked” late last night.  We both lack any desire of a heated argument with one another, but that doesn’t mean everything’s great.  I have an issue (the wedding) and it’s only getting worse.  He expresses a desire to help but like my sisters/bridesmaids, what he says he wants to accomplish isn’t what gets accomplished. 

I will just do my best as far as that’s concerned and keep in mind that this is a lesson in why one shouldn’t raise their hopes.  They can only get dashed.

He also explained his laid back, never angry outlook on life; we all know life goes through cycles of ups and downs so he says he’s learned not to get upset over the downs. 

Alright.  Where does that leave me now?  Just shut up and do the woman’s job?  Picking up the job of responsibility the rest of the family doesn’t want for my sisters?  Don’t complain because he doesn’t want to hear it? 

I’m definitely a negative Nancy this week, but hopefully I’ll find my way over it.  Being shoved into a quiet woman’s obedient life of a wife doesn’t feel like it would work out for this particular lady or this particular guy either.  Also, I’m horrible at faking a good mood.

I’ve realized the last year or so that my old mantra of live life to a tune and never give up is going to change.  Maybe it’ll be Focus and let it Go.  As in focus only on the present and let everything else go.  Doesn’t quite ring.  Hmmm.

Oh, here!

Let go of everything past and future and focus on the now.



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