Day Four

My list of things to do today is so vast that I am still sitting in bed. 

In studying Proverbs 31, I have to admit that I’m somewhat flustered.  Everything in this world seems to have something else that is it’s exact opposite.  For example; lots of facts saying you should make sure you get eight hours of sleep each night but above that the bible says “She rises while it is yet night,” and ,”Her lamp does not go out at night”.   Okay…God give me strength and clarity not to need the commonly recommended eight hours each night?

I’m off to clean Max’s cage, then travel to my house.  Living between two homes adds a whole level of work and confusion, let me tell you.  Once I’m there, I need to get this list knocked out.  If you’re supposed to eat the frog first I suppose that’ll be running and working out for me.  Ugh. 

Knocking things off the list happens faster if you can’t do them (can’t do my nails without nail polish remover, don’t need to get any more earrings if all I needed to do was organize to find the ones I had). 


We decided on the wedding menu: a shrimp boil for the main course, fruit parfaits in wine glasses, parchment wrapped subs, potato salad served in orange skins, caprese salads on a stick, and shots of cocktail sauce with shrimp for the sides.  To drink is Sangria, Margaritas, pop, juice, tea, water, and coffee.  We’re definitely having a chocolate fountain starring bacon!


For dessert, I’m making a naked wedding cake and to accent that; some color themed candy displays, dessert shots, and sea glass candy.


I made a list of foods to test the menu, I’ll order the dishes and make an actual shopping list to size after that.

Dragged Ken to Ulta (hey let me step outside and use the phone).  Sushi was awesome for dinner.  Our local restaurant Thai Thai rocks.


Okay today’s done.  I’m satisfied I gave today a good fight.  Still lost  but only because it was a tables, ladders, and chairs match. 


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