Happy News

So my youngest sister, Fran, is very innocent.  At least, she was very innocent when she moved down here to live with me. She moved down almost two years ago.  At the time, she’d just graduated from high school and had still been living with her dad and his evil new wife (our family name for her is The Bitch).  I had just moved back to Melbourne from Key West a couple of weeks before.  When I say innocent, boy do I mean it!  She had her license but no practice driving.  She actually asked me what unleaded is!  Cussing-Fuck no!  Never been on a date, had a job, or stayed a night alone in a house. 

She’s changed so much; she listened to my advice carefully (really, who does that?  Most people are askholes).  She’s a great driver, works hard at her job, and I’m extremely unproud that I’ve started her cussing.  Oops. 

She’s so innocent with guys, too.  She wouldn’t even agre that Ken and I could hold hands for months. Ha.

Well, where I’m going with this is that finally, after almost a year of his asking, she has her first boyfriend.  I like him and am happy that she found someone that she likes and who respects her!


More good news.  My cousin the marine and his new wife Chelsie are moving down here and they’re expecting a baby!

More good news.  My soon-to-be niece, Chelsea is also expecting. 

What are the odds there? 

Today and yesterday are mother nature chosen rest days for me.  Again, thank you Eve for eating that damn apple and ruining a week of every month for us girls.  Jerk.

Tried a new way of getting rid of blackheads.  Cut a lemon in half, covered it with honey from Ken’s behive;and now my face feels smooth too.  Hope it works.


Sasha’s still improving daily.  Since I went and brought Bella back here to Ken’s she seems to be changing.  In a good way.  She’s definitely learning from Bella. 

Nose back to the grindstone again tomorrow but this is the first month I can remember truly not feeling regret or guilt over not being able to perform as well as usual while mother nature kicks my ass.  Maybe after 15 years of this crap every month, I’ve finally learned to deal with it successfully. I’d say that’s one hell of a slow learning curve.  Big change though!


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