Whoa Nelly


Okay the goals I set for the thirty day challenge are wooping my butt.  It’s only day 2 so I’m not sure that’s good endurance-wise.  We’re almost done with the music.  We have it all straightened, we just need to organize it onto different formats.  We decided to use my tablet as a first resort, then back it up with cd and phone.  All which format differently.

The butterflies are ordered.  I’m excited, that’ll be so beautiful!


Next up is the plans for the decorations.  I think between that and planning the menu Ken will finally get on the same page as me.  That’ll be awesome. 

As far as my daily goals that I set myself for these thirty days; I ran for almost 30 minutes this morning, did my usual workout plus a third of a new one.  As far as working out Crohn’s Disease really plans that for you.  I used to do over a hundred situps a day and now over a month and I’ve built up to thirty and have to stay at that for now.  Even though I could do many more there is some invisible line there where I know if I cross I’ll be expecting a flare up and time in the bathroom later.

I did try out a new hair style but I’m not sure this homemade shampoo and conditioner is working out for me.  Uh.  Dandruff. Nope.  Giving it one more week.

I as also did figure out how to define my style so I can more easily put together a wardrobe.  Beach. 

Now, I’ve got to drag myself out of this bed.  I’m going to go lay down outside and let the dogs pull me around the neighborhood.  That’s a run. Right?


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