30 Days to Wedding Ready

The wedding day is coming up faster than my worst nightmares could have timed.  I’m not ready.  The invitations are getting mailed out today.  We’re going to finish setting up the sound program tonight.  I still need to order the cake layers for the main cake.  So sure,things are certainly getting crossed off the list but I’m not nearly as far down that list as I should be right now. In thirty days that will be exactly a month before I need to be a hundred percent ready for the wedding, getting me ready just in time to prepare for any last minute issues and relax.  I want nothing more than to have this day be as good as it can and for it to signal the joining of a couple perfectly meant to join together.  The way I’m going to finish this final month of prep is backwards.  I’m going to start with the marriage, then the honeymoon, then the hotel and flight over, leaving the wedding reception, and so on.  For each event, I’ll get everything prepared and planned out till I’m confident nothing can ruin it.  So here goes the thirty day Wedding countdown!

Last, we’ll be off to our honeymoon at Sandals Antigua!  I usually travel very lightly but I usually don’t have a wedding dress on or plan to need lingerie and some nice outfits…let’s see.  I’ll need to get some nice lingerie for starters.  Then I’ll need to put together a few cute outfits.  I’ll have to find an actual suitcase.  Then there’s the question of who’s going to watch our animals?  My older sister will remain down here the whole time so arrangements will have to be premade to have her watched and busy 24/7.  Where are we going to park the car while we’re gone? Hmm.

Before leaving for the honeymoon we’ll have to leave the wedding and spend the night at a hotel because our flight doesn’t leave until the next morning.  What hotel?  Which car? I need to get decorations for the car. 

Before leaving the wedding, there are all the reception events that need to take place.  Going in actual (forward) time order from beginning of reception to the end:
11a.m Cocktail hour -guests can snack and mingle or find their seats
11:45a.m Wedding party arrives, everyone is seated.  Wedding party is introduced
12p.m first dance while Champaign is served
12:05p.m welcome speech and toasts
12:20p.m lunch is served
1:20p.m bridal party dance time
1:30p.m everyone dances
2:15p.m cake cutting and serving
2:35p.m garter and bouquet toss
2:45p.m final dance set
3p.m final dance and leaving time

So for the reception, I’ll need.. Damn.  A lot.  Food.  Serving dishes, plates.  Cups, drinks, and I’m making 10 cakes.  I want to decorate the bathrooms.  The tables need to be set up and the whole room decorated.  Bring in some uplighting, set up the music.  Arrange the main course (shrimp boil). Toasts and speeches need to be thought out and planned.  The bouquet and garter tosses are going to be extra special.  Need to plan them out.  I don’t know how to dance anything but a booty dance.  Who’s serving the cake and pouring the champaign?  Crap.  Too much to do here.

Back it up to the photo shoot I’ll be having with the rest of the wedding party.  What are the shots we want and who’s taking the pictures?

Before that, the ceremony.  Oh dear me, the freakin ceremony.  I’m overwhelmed just writing this out and I have to keep going away and then coming back.  Okay.  Eh.  So the order of the ceremony:


Then comes the ceremony, bible reading, vows, unity sand ceremony, butterfly release. Yep.  Need to iron out those details there.  We’ll have the officiant lead everyone inside while the wedding party stays on the beach to do photos with a currently non-existent photographer.

Before the ceremony, I’ll need to wake up and get ready for my wedding! 

5:30a.m wake, go running, eat, and shower
6:30a.m I’ll throw together that naked cake.  Easy one.
7a.m the car’s already packed so I’ll just be able to head off with my sister’s to the hair salon.
9a.m back at the house.  Makeup and clothes on, kiss the animals goodbye
10a.m off to get married!

Before the day of, there’s the wild week of.  I’ll need to prepare a checklist for that week but I know the other nine cakes need to be baked and assembled, bags packed, nails done, legs waxed, hair dyed.  I’ll need to decorate the reception the night before.  The day before, all the food needs to be assembled.  The week needs to start with a double check on all appointments and vendors.

Okay there’s the outline.  Now I need to go and turn that into a step by step, day by day list of things to get done to put together that week, day, and honeymoon.  I’m going to pull out the old fashioned pen and paper to list everything that needs to be done using this outline.  Then I’ll come back here and put together the day by day. 

Oh crap the dress and veil need to be steamed the week of too. 

I can do this.  I swear.  Those aren’t my marbles rolling down the street.


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