30 Day Breakdown



Those are the day of and week of plans.  Simple as long as I complete the “now” list that fills two pages.  Going to have to put sleep and overtime on the back burner for a month. 
Day one I need to finish putting together the music part of the wedding.  Need to organize the playlist, buy the mics, rent the speakers, get the equipment to Nick, and make him a checklist
Day two I need to reserve the butterflies and arrange to get them safely to the wedding ceremony.  We need to register for gifts also. 
Day three We need to plan out the decorations and arrange for Chantel to come get the car and dress.
Day Four We need to plan the menu and drinks.  Order dishes and make a shopping list. 
Day five practice anything on menu needed, order flowers and balloons, verify clubhouse times and amount of palm fronds needed for ceremony aisle
Day six Research Sandals, give trip info to whoever needs it, make packing list
Day seven arrange Jordan’s itinary, arrange animal care, get book, get a suitcase
Day eight gather missing items on packing list, order car decorations, arrange for help decorating reception
Day nine plan cake cutting, bouquet toss, and garter toss details, arrange for someone to place the balloons and decorate the car
Day ten arrange cleanup, order or find garbage cans, arrange for balloon and bouquet pickup.  Order cake layers.
Day eleven learn to dance
Day twelve arrange a cake server, find a photographer
Day thirteen make a shot list, get wedding party gifts
Day fourteen gather things to make programs, check wedding party clothes, get anything missing
Day fifteen make programs
Day sixteen plan out ceremony details and decor
Day seventeen prep officiant, gather ceremony decor, arrange ceremony setup
Day eighteen get marriage license
Day nineteen make hair, nail, and wax appointments, arrange makeup
Day twenty arrange thank you note organizing, decide favors
Day twenty one make favors, check rings
Day twenty two arrange food for chelsie and a ride to and from for Bella
Days 23-30 finish anything not done on it’s day or new things added.

Okay well the next thirty days are going to fly by and drag by at the same time.  Joy.  Let’s take event planner off the list of possible new careers. 


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