Style change

My style is more laid back then I’d like.  I read a lot of magazines and flip through Pinterest quite often.  I realize that these girls spend much time and money to look that way but I still want to look more put together.  Without spending more money or hours getting ready in the morning.

It’s not just a fashion and beauty thing either, it’s also a matter of my attitude.  I want to wholly represent myself in a better way.  As that kind, wise, and strong girl.

I’m not exactly on the other side of town from my ideal self but I’m still far from it.  I like the whole look and attitude of surfer, bohemian, rastafarian type.  I’m currently more the jumble of everything from middle schooler to slob style.  Ehh…Well.  I’m going to have to read up on easy style because this isn’t working and the other extreme of being a fashion queen would work even less.

Got that out at least.

I had a nice visit with my aunt and uncle in Orlando.  We went and picked up my earrings, they’re beautiful.


She made some bomb ass tuna salad.  Most of my family cooks well but I’m still stuck firmly to recipe cards. 

We painted some shells.  They are both very creative.


I’m at work again today, still trying to figure what my next move should be.  Definitely not a bird trainer, I’ll knock that idea right off the damn list.  I’m about to knock his head right off.  Ugh.  One screaming bird is quite enough.


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