Not a morning person…today.

I feel like a nutcase sometimes.  Motivated and productive some days, dragging myself through the day’s activities other times, and then other days I’m easily frustrated with no drive whatsoever.  Today’s that last one.

I feel bad. Like I feel that Ken deserves better than someone who’s whole attitude changes so rapidly.  I’m glad he’s patient. 

I see people in my life that always seem like they’re in a good mood, they’re always patient.  How can I become one of them?

We hear so much about mental illness and it makes me wonder if I’m just being silly and coming up with reasons for my impatience or if the doctor is as wise as he comes across.  If he is then how do I handle being bipolar?  If not how do I overcome my impatience?  Is the diazepam really an answer?

That almost sums up my day so far but then my body decided that it should remind me about my Crohn’s Disease.  Heavens don’t let me forget that now. 


I need a serious attitude and style adjustment. Ha!  The first step is admitting it, right?

Reading Our Daily Bread this morning suggested focusing today on giving our whole selves (mentally, physically, everything) to the Lord.  What do I have to give today, even with my bad attitude?

Good deeds to help others.  Silence is a gift I plan on using.  I can make the best cakes I can for people to take home and appreciate.  I can tip my waxing lady well later to help her have a good attitude tonight.  I can at least fake patience.  I can make a list of things I’m grateful for to improve my attitude.  I can catch up later today on everything I missed before work like running and working out. 


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