The 20th Change

Going through possible career replacement options.  Some are careers, some are money earning hobbies.

Calligraphy (hobby)
$20,000 – $80,000 average


I looked at this because I like to write, and write pretty.  Swirly.  This is my cup of tea.  It’s self taught and kits to start are $20.

Event Planner (career)
$26,000 – $50,000 average


It’s not my wedding that makes me want to be an event planner, trust me.  There are more than weddings to plan anyways.  Birthday parties and corporate events also.  It’s the endless possibilities, creativity, and guarantee that each day will be vastly different.  I love organization and people seem to agree with my style ideas.  Well, decor style ideas not fashion. Ha.  Sounds complicated beyond what I can fathom right now but in a way that a system can be put into place to organize each process.  Certification is between one and two thousand and is highly recommended but not required.  Long hours are a promise.  Hmmm.

Photography (hobby)
$20,000 – $50,000 average


I love going back and looking at beautiful pictures, who doesn’t?  One of my little sister’s is getting pretty interested in this topic lately, so I’d have a partner in crime here.  Could double up with a career as an event planner also.  Classes range from free to a couple thousand, cameras from $300 on up.

Cake Decorating (hobby)


Yeah obviously I got the skill for this, add on the lack of anyone in the area doing cookie bouquets and I’m golden.  This could also double under the scope of an event planner.

Ice Sculptor


Yeah…but no.  I was thinking that this went well with event planning and left creativity like cake decorating open to the imagination.  It’s a hard trade to learn and since it’s something that takes years to learn, I’ll leave this area to others.  I don’t exactly have a passion for cold. There’s definitely several niches that could be filled in this field though!

Bird Trainer (hobby)
$20,000 average


I love birds and their quirky, often hilarious personalities.  Max is nuts.  The idea of this as more than just the daily care of Max is a definate possibility.  It’s not a quick sort of income and would require a couple thousand to start.    It would definitely take a lot of research before I could even think of getting into this.  But some plusses would be that there are plenty of people needing this service, Max would benefit, and it has a slow but steady return.  What do you say Max? 

Wedding Officiant (hobby)
$30,000 – $250,000 average


There are a lot of recent changes on the wedding scene.  It’s fairly easy to get ordained and once done you can officiate a wedding.  Patience is a must here though.

Etsy Seller (hobby)
Nothing-$3000 average


I have lots of ideas that can be sold online from scrapbooks and fondant figures to invitations and painted shells. Unfortunately the time and money out doesn’t seem to average positively against the money in.  Still way too fun to discard this idea, especially as Etsy becomes more popular.

Mobile Notary (hobby)
$12,000 – $36,000 average


Evidently it’s relatively simple to become a notary.  We had to find that out when we researched getting the lady we wanted to marry us ordained.  Being 24 hours is a plus, technologically savvy is a plus, and having a car is a plus.  There’s a class to take online to get certified then a website will need to be set up for sure, but costs would be minimal.  Sounds too easy?

Animal Groomer


I looked into this one but there is quite of bit of time that goes into certification and barely any that comes back to you later.  Adding that to my lack of patience and how I don’t exactly find the process fun on my own pets…nope.

Mobile Laundry Service (career)
$20,000 – $56,000 average


I remember looking for a mobile laundry service when an apartment I rented didn’t have laundry service and I couldn’t find anything.  This is a field that I think many people would gladly take advantage of.  Higher utilities would definitely result!  This would leave me LOTS of time at home though!

3D Printing Cafe (career)
No data on the income.


This is a newer field.  A lot of people have never even heard of 3D printing yet.  Startup costs would be humongous but most likely have bank backup!  Sounds crazy exciting and stressful at the same time.  Maker’s Cafe is an amazing example and I wonder if they would like to expand this way?

Animal Shelter Owner (career)
$0 – $36,000 average


This is an extremely rewarding area to work in.  I was in an area shelter just last week and they’re full to the brim.  High startup costs and labor but federal fundraising available.  A lot of possibilities could be incorporated to make a shelter more visible and attractive.  Another thing is,you simply can’t go about this one alone.


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