Motivating Maneuvers

The idea of getting out from under the weight of this job has actually really brightened my day.  Coming home today, my eleventh straight day, I found myself actually excited about doing something for the first time in a long time.  Probably not great that the cause of my excitement is the possibility of eventually ending my current career..


So still working on Change 19 (simplifying) and Change 18 (following God’s will).  It will certainly simplify things to remove the biggest, most complicated stressor filling my life.  It’s going to take a long time but I’m okay with that because Publix and I have some loose ends to tie up.  I’m bound and determined to make a hundred days straight of not losing my patience, and Publix being the good employer they have been to me certainly will require an extremely long notice once I figure out exactly what it is I am going to do.  Funky timing on a decision like this – the day after a raise. 

Driving to Orlando today to spend some time with my aunt and uncle there.  Excited to see the free earrings because if I like them I can wear them for the wedding, if I don’t my aunt loves jewelry.  We’re going to relax and paint some shells for the day, it’ll be a nice day I think. 


We got Sasha’s stitches out and she’s recovering well beyond our wildest hopes.  She’s thrilled to be crate free and gets along with the cat and bird just fine.  Ken got some eye drops to reverse the cataract in one eye that’s not bad.  The other is beyond the drops by years but we’ll try them on that one anyway before spending the money on the surgery.  Better news is that just two days on vitamins and she’s stopped eating everything in sight from the cat’s waste to the dirt in the yard.  I made an appointment to get her all possible vaccines, then the last thing will be to register her at the sheriff’s office and she’ll be free to finally go to dog parks and the beach with Bella and I.  I can’t wait for that personally.

I made a list of possible new jobs.  Going to go through that list now piece by piece and look closely at my options.  I’m going to put off studying guns till after I get through the brunt of career decision making and of course the wedding. 


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