Work fills life

Yesterday was very long.  I got to work early and left late.  This interlude changing from sticking to my scheduled hours to getting everything I possibly can done is going to take some slight planning.  I think our new store manager starts today, that’ll be exciting.  We met him last week.  He seemed friendly and competent.  A little birdy said he’s a hardcore micro manager but that can be either really good or really annoying.  Not bad for business.  It was sad having the last store manager leave because I’ve worked for lots of managers and I gotta give it to him – he’s the only one I have no bad adjectives for!  Quiet, serious, well spoken, extreme perseverance, patient, and  polite…a good example of a person that I’ll miss working with.

Anyway.  Streamlining the new work day will be interesting and I’ll have to try a few techniques before I find what works I’m sure.  At home, I’ve found a routine for getting and keeping the laundry done: throw it in when I get home, into the dryer before bed, turn the dryer on when I get up, then put them away before I leave for work. 
Changes that work so well like changing up the laundry and reorganizing my normal work day really motivate me to continue on this path. 

Yesterday I tried work without a list but today I think I’ll make a list and alternate between completing the list and cleaning.  Also, maybe I’ll go down my list of regular chores and see how else I can streamline them.


Another change yesterday that made my day simple was I kept my mouth shut as much as possible.  Not everyone can work and talk but I usually can.  I think it’s like talking on the phone while driving.  Depends on how awake and focused you are at that particular time.  I wish I could say getting more done was my motivation for that yesterday but it was actually caused by that important lesson Thumper’s mom taught him: if you can’t stop talking shit, just keep your damn mouth shut.

I’ve been struggling with my patience while working with a particular co-worker/friend.  I regret suggesting bringing said co-worker into our department, much less my area of that department.  She definitely has the skill as a cake decorator and I’m thrilled to have helped her uncover that.  However she seems to live in a world of her own and doesn’t notice anyone else’s lives except her own.  I used to frequently hang out with her outside of our job but as her problems continuously kept taking over anything we did from baking cookies to painting pottery, it’s become quite a drag.  She doesn’t hear most of what I say to her and is so blatantly self absorbed that she didn’t even greet Ken or tell him happy birthday at his birthday dinner.  She sat on my couch and complained about her boyfriend the whole time Ken and I were running around freaking out, calling poison control and trying to make sure Bella wasn’t going to be seriously injured from eating an ant bait a few days ago.  So yesterday I only spoke a few words to her when needed.  I’m not acting rude towards her but trying to help didn’t work and faking cheer didn’t help.  All I can see to do is unwrap myself from her drama and pray for her.  Oh, and be happy my life isn’t hers.


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