The 19th Change

This is just crazy. Bonkers.  Wacko.  Batshit insane.  There is no freakin’ way this is just how life is, right?  This shit is bananas (B.A.N.A.N.A.S).  I’m calling shenanigans!!


Following God’s will to be the best Christian girl I can every day is one challenge, decluttering my life is a whole thing on it’s own.  So the 19th change will be me simplifying/decluttering…me. 

First things first I just want to get the wedding done and over with.  Successfully.  That’s the key word there.  That’s not something I can delegate to anyone else so that’ll have to be what takes up all my spare time till the end of June.

The biggest thing on my mind today is my unhappiness with my job.  Duh, I’m stuck at it today.  Not that they’re doing anything terrible to me, just that I’m tired and I have so much to do here and at home.  Oops, just got a voicemail reminding me that I scheduled the vet appointment at three on Monday when I work till five that day.  Fail.  If I could afford it I would find it more reasonable to work 32 hours a week instead of the full timer’s 40+.  However when that want is piled on top of the story called HowTheHellAmISupposedToAffordAllThisCrapCalledLife, part time is a long way away.  Like, after the wedding, roof, bathroom remodel, sister’s rehab, and beyond.  I can work more now to open that door sooner though.  So I’m going to put in as many hours as I can get away with for now.  That’ll simplify my finances faster. Ha 😳


The wedding, work, and just my regular everyday tasks will fill up all available time so hey, at least my routine seems simplified for now. 

I’ll check back in, reevaluate, and continue to simplify further in a couple months.



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