Making 18 Work

I’m sitting here declaring that change is good.  Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes out sucks, but the result is God’s will so it must be good. Right? If only I could see what his will is for me. 

Looking into solutions to being overwhelmed leads to suggestions of simplifying your life.  Looking into that leads to decluttering.  So perhaps my life is so cluttered that I’m literally piling things over God’s will. 

Simplifying this life of mine would be no easy task but if that is what it would take to be able to follow God’s will more successfully then it’s a task more than worth the time and effort. 

Okay so let’s begin this journey into simplifying my own existence down to only what I can focus on.  The obvious con is having to give up the idea that I will ever have time to do even a third of the things that I see as highest priority.  The benefits vastly outweigh that though.  Better, stronger faith.  Peace of mind.  What I do get to do will be done better.  It makes me giggle like a kid to realize that there are so many blogs and articles about minimizing and decluttering that the web is actually cluttered with them.  Ha.

I’m so frustrated over this whole problem.  I just want to be half the person my grandma was- she always got everything done AND had time to relax every day!


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