Now, wether or not I actually have a to-do list the amount of things that need to get done are still there.  Lately it seems that my responsibilities are becoming impossibly numerous. 

At work, graduation is coming up.  That’s our busiest time for cakes at this store.  Luckily both the most common graduation colors in this area are similar and both of their graduations are usually (including this year) held the same weekend.  I feel like I’m being held accountable for an increasing amount of responsibility in the bakery even as the decorator hours are being cut.  I guess there is a plus: I can get more good deeds accomplished in one day then ever before.  Luckily my plan of action to take the stress out of work is still working.  Also it made me very happy to see the updated wedding cake section of our cake designs book – good job Publix.  The designs are much more up to date.  We had a great selection of cakes before but these new ones will attract much more people!

My wedding preperations are getting nowhere.  I have a million things to do and I don’t see how I can get them all done on time.  I know I’m going to forget something too!  The wedding photographer hasn’t answered me since I emailed her three days ago about setting up an actual meeting so I might end up having to choose another.  Everyone seems super eager to help until I actually ask so I’m alone on this.  Adding that to how much I already have on my plate, the fact that I’ve never even been to a wedding, and Sasha’s surgery blowing my budget and I can’t even figure out how to start getting this under control.

The animals another case entirely.  I feel like we’re combining families here in the form of a zoo merger.  3 cats, two dogs, and a macaw take hours out of your availability for their care.  HOURS!  Sashé is just the biggest hurdle on that course right now what with the medicine, watching her wound, teaching her how to be loose in the house, and poddy training her.  Obviously this area isn’t going to improve or go away and the idea of building our own chicken coup, rescuing a pitbull, or getting another macaw to be with Max.

Then there are both of our houses which I swear to you are both plotting together to make sure that as soon as a step forward is made on one the other will take a step back.  There’s a constant worry in my mind about the lack of home owner’s insurance on my house.  I’m desperate to get it but I have to finish the second bathroom’s remodel and get the roof redone before that.  My word.  His house is a horder/bachelor/overworked person who hasn’t cared in a long time’s house.  Dude really?  Your mom kept your baby diapers?  That’s awkward but why did you keep them after that?  Anyway both homes have an assload of potential.

Most impacting on my list are my sisters.  The older one needs mental and drug help asap.  The younger one is going through what I’m hoping is her version of growing up rebelliousness. I’m apparently the one in charge of the care for these two somehow.  Thanks Fran for being the superbly well grounded middle sister!

The errands, chores, tasks, and surprises of the regular day to day seem to take up all my time.  How do people do this?! 


I’ve been repeating this struggle and trying to resolve it for what feels like forever and DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP ME FIND THE SOLUTION TO MY OVERWHELMING DESIRE TO GET EVERYTHING THAT FEELS SO IMPORTANT DONE AND STOP FREAKING OUT!


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