Ken and I have a day in between our birthdays so I had requested yesterday off and we are going touristing in our own area.  After all, we do live in Florida.  On the Space Coast no less.

He got me a Fitbit Flex for my birthday…watchu tryin to say buddy?

Well now that I feel like a big fat cow, off to the flea market!


I sent him a challenge for what Fitbit calls “The Daily Showdown”.  I figure we’re going to be together all day we’ll walk about the same.


Let me tell you: the flea market has a bomb ass funnel cake.  That whole place was like trying to comprehend a dream.  It’s a thousand worlds in one: turn one way it’s a kind old lady in a craft shop, another way it’s a grump in a pet store demanding you put on hand sanitizer before you even lay eyes on the adult dogs he’s trying to sell as puppies.  Anther turn and it’s a little middle eastern lady weaving her way through extremely well priced and gorgeous plants with a watering can, and another turn when you think you’ve done a full 360° already and you end up in a small, air conditioned shop with baby birds and big bird toys a fourth of the price the pet store costs.


After we leave there we pull out out of the parking lot and Ken takes an unexpected detour into the animal shelter.  Wait…what?

What exactly are you trying to say without saying this time?  He insisted he just wanted to look but I’ve been getting the feeling he wants a pup of his own for a long while now.  Well when we aren’t so busy wedding planning I know what to get him I guess. 


Next, we drove out to the turtle sanctuary, Barrier Island Sanctuary out by Sebastion.  It’s an absolutely beautiful place.


They have a lot of easy to understand information on not just the turtles but the whole ecosystem for the area.  It’s very neat how they have cameras set up towards the beach watching nesting.


Next, we drove up to the Dinosaur Store in Cocoa.  He hasn’t ever been to the new, bigger one but he told me about how the owner had a much smaller shop across the street and then got into making replicas which museums now pay him greatly for his quality work.


After that I told him to make a reservation for 8 for in one hour at Makotos Steak House.  We went there last year with some friends and had a great time.  I knew he’d never say no to friends, sushi, and hot sake.


Overall I think we had a good day.  He somehow managed to get a few hundred steps ahead of me somehow so he won the challenge.  Going around where you live touristing helps you appreciate more.  And get your mind of losing your dog the day before…

Today is his real birthday and I’m going to redo his bathroom Dr Who style while he’s at work. 


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