I think that if my life is like a puzzle, surely I’m missing quite a few pieces because I just can’t see how it can come together to fit into one picture.


I’m tired.  I keep saying this, and I am perfectly aware that when you have a problem the logical thing to do is to come up with a plan to resolve said problem and to keep it from happening again.  I keep trying different plans but so far no cigar on the work/life balance objective.  I’m eating healthier and yeah that helps me feel better, my Crohn’s is not effecting me much at all right now.  I’m exercising which makes me have to get up earlier and truly does give me a small burst of energy- for two hours or so!  I’ve fulfilled the meditating recommendations by journaling here, reading my bible, and praying.  I definitely found great peace there.  I’ve tried to-do lists, no lists…just about everything really. 

Well crap.  Can’t ever get through a single post without crazy shit happening.  My little sister just jumped ship when I told her the dogs aren’t hers anymore.  I hope this phase of her life doesn’t end too badly.

More on that later. 

Tomorrow’s my birthday.  I think I’ll make a cake or two or forty to celebrate.  And maybe try to start the year off right with a giant coffee from Dunkin.  Or a workout.


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