Toss up the routine

I hate doing the same thing repeatedly.  Routines bore me.

Of course God’s first.  That’s a given duh. 

But after that?  The world’s mine to turn it how I want. 

I woke up with some unusual vigor today.  I’m not going to complain.  I’m going to use it! 

I went to Michael’s yesterday after work and got stuff to decorate shells.  I decorated the flip flops I’ll wear for my wedding. Them turning out well was inspiring.  I only painted one shell but it turned out beautiful and I can’t wait to get on that today.

So it’s time to get up.  I’m going to knock out this to-do list.  I just don’t want to do it in the same order as usual.  

To get ready for the next day I’m forming the habit of getting my uniform ready, planning out my meals and snacks, and setting some attainable goals.  There, now tomorrow’s taken care of and I can just focus on today.

Next thing is this zoo that my house seems to be turning into: a macaw, 3 cats, and 3 dogs really take quite a bit of time out of each day.  Feed and water the bird, change his papers and turn on some music for him.  Next check that the cats have food and water and their litter box is under control.  Thanks crazy cat lady little sister Fran;they’re already taken care of. 
Finally onto the dogs.  Take them all outside.  Switch the blankets in the two crates to clean ones and throw the others in the wash.  Feed and water them.  Give Snoopé his medicine and clean his ears.  Then take them on a walk.  Also known as going tripping.  Honestly walking three dogs is comparable to tripping on shrooms confusion-wise.  Back to the house.  Go to put Sashè’s diaper on..

It is here where everything stops, my plans fall apart, the rest of the day becomes a single moment.  In the ten seconds it takes for Sasha to squat and pee in the house after we return from the walk, everything flips.  I go over yelling bad dog but stop in horror, mid-yell:the pee is brown.

I put her in her cage and call the sister who calls the dogs hers, the one who’s boyfriend had them in the first place.  Bean doesn’t answer.  I text her.  I call the vet they took the dogs to.  No cigar-this sounds serious the lady who answers explains, and they’re just a budget spay, neuter, and vaccine place.  She says to get Sasha to a full service vet ASAP.

Call Bean again.  No answer again.

Call a few vets.  No answer, unrealistic prices, or they can’t get her in soon enough and tell me I can’t afford to wait that I need to call until I find someone available.

Hit a good one finally and got her in with only a couple hours wait.  My sister finally gets back to me at this point with a single line of text saying that her boyfriend thinks it sounds like her kidneys again.


I call her and furiously demand to know what is wrong with her kidneys and why he hadn’t already told us.  He mumbles something about kidney stones.  The vet had asked when she’d had her last litter so I asked him.

More mumbling and confusion and he manages figure out she’d last gave birth 3 years ago.  Okay but dude.  You said both the dogs are 4-6 years old.  Also that she’s had at least 4 litters.  Not adding up.  What f-ing year did they get the dog?!  More mumbling and he says they got them in 2007 and they were a few months old then.  By now I’m pissed and explain that she’s not 4-6, she’s 8.  Big difference!!

I ask if she’s had any other problems in the past and he quickly says nope.

So I get her in for the appointment and give the updated information to the vet.  She gives a quick diagnostic that these are the symptoms of pyrometra (an infected uterus).  She says time is of the essence.  They begin running tests right away to confirm as best they can but says it’s of utmost importance to find out which vet diagnosed a kidney problem so they can have that information.

While they’re doing bloodwork and x-rays I call my sister several more times but no answer again.

When the vet returns she explains my options: go into surgery right away to remove the uterus and risk losing the dog or skip the surgery and let her die.  They take her into surgery and as they do Bean calls with the name of the vet and my vet says they’ll get those records and call me when the surgery is done.

Fast forward a few hours.  She makes it through the surgery.  It was pyrometra.  The vet said she’s never seen such an abnormally large,oddly shaped uterus.  The uterus had a big unknown hard mass inside it.  It had ruptured and was actually stuck to the bladder.  Bad news.

Then she dropped the bomb.  The records from the other vet had revealed that just this last October Sasha had went missing for a month and when found was taken to the vet who found her to have bladder stones and diagnosed her with leptospirosis and since her organs were failing they(Bean’s boyfriend’s family)decided to put her to sleep.  The vet decided not to when Sasha began eating and she ended up pulling through.

So that’s where my day went.  From a day off filled with things to do to a day of praying for a dog and into a night of sitting up with said dog.  I don’t know what to do about my sister’s boyfriend.  I gave him enough chances to do right by her so that was about the last straw there.

Honestly I’m not concerned about him too much.  I just pray Sasha pulls through this.



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