Just keep swimming


I feel like I’m flopping around in the water not moving anywhere.  I need to take the next step but it’s like there’s a million staircases in front of me so which one do I start up?

It’s Easter. I’ll be sitting this one out. As Ken put it, my aunt flo wanted to give me a special egg this year.  Uh.  Gross Ken.  Hilarious, but seriously gross. Ha.

Tomorrow’s another day.  What can I do today to improve my chances of tomorrow being a success? 

Well first of all like I said yesterday my faith needs to be stronger, so I’ll be spending time in God’s word today.

Next, I like the motto of not putting off till tomorrow what can be done today.  I’ll get myself set up food and clothes-wise for tomorrow.  That always makes Monday’s much better.

Other than that, I’m going to sit.  I’m not going to feel bad about it either!  So there!


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