How to organize memories

The word memories is almost as vague as saying the word mammals.  What kind of mammals?  Cows?  Puppies?  Humans?  A new kind, never seen before? Or an extinct one known only by it’s fossils?

So when I say that I need to go through my dad’s stuff.  Well, what I mean is I need to organize his memory.  I know that the deep extent to which I’m about to dive into my father’s unknown true self is going to be easy to get tangled up in.  It’s taken a few years to prepare for this journey.  The wait isn’t going to stop the grief but…maybe it’ll allow some delight in, in learning more about my dad.


There are cds, dvds, hard drives, external hard drives, floppy discs, photo albums…

I know I don’t want to discard a single memory but I also know that keeping several computer towers and monitors, boxes of dvds, and bags of camera equipment isn’t necessary. 

I feel like it’ll be necessary to have several forms of memories preserved.

Photo albums and Photo books for pictures and stories.  Dvds and external hard drives for everything else, once the floppy disks are gone I can easily update the technology later.

I wonder if his side of the family would like any of this?

Oh what am I saying, of course they would.  My older sister really brought to my attention the other day that once my last name is changed she’ll be the only Kelly left.  Our dad was using an illegal alias when we were born so technically I suppose our last names should be Williams like his real last name..but even though he got caught and went back to using Williams we’ve always been Kelly.  So that leaves my sister alone in that way.  Poor sissy.


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