Onto the next level

The challenge of cleaning and organizing Ken’s bedroom was intense.  As of last night though, it’s complete!  Took much longer to complete than I thought but all the time and effort was so well worth it.

We moved the furniture to improve the functionality and flow of the room.  We moved the warehouse-like shelving that he had stuffed full of clothing out to the garage where it will be used quickly.  Then we dragged a dresser that had been taking up space in his dining room (really dude, and that’s one of two) into the room to put his clothes in.  Several garbage bags of clothes went off to goodwill and several bags were vacuum sealed and put in the other room. 

I vacuumed the cobwebs off the ceiling, windows, curtains, etc. Scrubbed the mirror, and organized the bed tables and dresser while he cleaned out the closet (holy shit man there’s actually a floor in there??).  Today he’s going to fix and reinstall his closet door that’s been off for years and then when I get off work we plan to head to target to pick out a new comforter for the finishing touch.  I don’t think even a homeless person would want his current one. 

Ken’s kindness stretches way beyond anyone’s I’ve ever met.  When one of my best buds Nick wrecked his car a few weeks ago, I asked Ken if he wanted to sell Nick the 80’s Mercedes sitting in his yard.  He said Nick didn’t ever have to buy it, just get it in his name and basically plan to spend all his freetime for the foreseeable future laboring for Ken.  Awesome win-win all around!

Made the first step in another challenge too; to help my older sister get off drugs and get mental help.  She really wants the help.  I gave her four general choices.  Rehab center in Illinois or Florida, or my younger sister quits  her job at target and I support her while she goes through a rehab we design.  So far we’ve narrowed it down to knowing she wants to do it down here in Florida for sure.  So I’ll need to see what kind of dual rehab places are available in Florida that take Medicare, or a mix of Medicare and payments. 

The next two challenges are to move my tools from the unorganized piles all over my sunroom out to the storage room in my carport.  I’ve wrangled one of my younger sisters into help with this tomorrow since we’ve also got to build a shelf and tint the windows (something tells me that filling a storage room with glass doors full of tools may not result in keeping those tools very long…).  All I’ve got to do is get her nails done, which I need to do tomorrow anyways.  After that I’ve got to clean out the closet in my office aka little sister’s room and start going through my dad’s stuff.  That will be interesting, my dad’s story only compares in excitement to my own. 


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