The 17th Change

This change is concerning my biggest goal, my life mission to change the world. 


After spending so long paused on this step I’ve chosen to create my own charity/foundation-whatever it will be classified.

Yes, I understand that there are thousands of charities, groups, foundation’s, individuals, companies, etc. doing similar and parts of things I hope to accomplish.  Yes I understand that starting from the bottom with no experience is going to make it harder.  The thing is that I feel the need to have this particular cause be a clean start for itself.  It’s a unique mission that I have.  Others are umbrella’d under the dome of my mission yes, but I want to have a wider scope.

So that’s a huge step.  Between choosing to either join or create I chose to create.  In this instance I think I must lead a new path.  Thank God for the people on the path with me because I already see obstacles in the path ahead and I haven’t even started down the trail yet!

This change is the choice I am making on the path I’ll be taking from here on. 


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