World War 1 Part 7/7

I study and read and learn and to retain this information but I really want to know, what was it really like back then?

What was it like to live in a time when the world was entering a war?  When technology as I know it just didn’t exist yet?  When girls weren’t allowed to enter the service?

I am interested in knowing not just the main people or the main parts that made up the war but the individual people, cultures, feelings.


Harley and Davidson back in those years. Those bikes look so similar to regular bicycles, and look what they’re wearing-not a single piece of leather.  Ha!

Here’s a link to an awesome article about life right before the war.  They had dog shows way back then?  The secret other use for picnic baskets: dog carriers.
1914 Before the war


A 1916 wedding.  I’ve thought a thousand times during this research that I’m so lucky to be living now.

Another, and much more important reason that I’m glad I’m here now is because of education.  It was hard for regular people to get a basic education then.  That’s cool because even as the news now criticizes us for having a lower educational standard here in the U.S, look how far we’ve come!


Women really put forth a lot of effort to help.  It seems that the never ending start to full time working and home life started right there.  Ahh poop.


Wait what?  There was a time when cocaine was an over the counter thing?  That’s fucked. Up.

I may be glad I didn’t live then, but I’m even more glad my big sister only has access to cig syrup over the counter and not cocaine.  The better of the two evils. 

“Ooh honey don’t you worry about Timmy getting his chores done, he didn’t feel good so I gave him some cocaine!”



Here’s an example of a house from that era.  Seems similar to the tiny house craze people are getting into lately,no?



There’s some kids out celebrating Christmas.  Look how they all have hats on!  They look so neatly put together.  Next, I found this picture of the original Moulin Rouge.  That war really changed things.  It makes you wonder what people would dress like now if the war hadn’t mellowed so many of their feelings for that time.


Steam Punk is a very appealing style to me, I could see a lot of the fashions and decorations being rediscovered and loved.

I found some information that definitely wasn’t appealing while reading though.  Duh, it was a time of war.  The influenza pandemic really freaked me though.  The shear numbers of it.  Those poor people.  I’m glad those smarty pants scientists figured out how to make the shot for us every year now.


A sudden realization: I’ve watched a lot of Downton Abbey.  That was during that time.  That show is COOL.  How didn’t I realize that before?  That’s a real step into how it was back then!

Just one more thing I’m still wondering about.  The cake.  How has my own passion changed?



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