World War 1 Part 6/7

Oh how much I’ve learned from studying the first World War is just crazy.  It actually blows my mind how much of the information makes things today make more sense.

Something I’ve noticed that I do is that if something is said in passing about (for example) Germany, dukes or archdukes, or bayonets instead of asking for more information I let the topics slide by.  I’ve noticed that other people do this also.  It’s interesting to me since I’m a firm believer in asking when I don’t understand something.  Huh.

Okay.  So I went over the timeline and then the major points that stood out to me that I was still lost about.  Now I think it’s time to meet the important characters from World War One. 

First impressions are important so I hope they’re ready!

…wait…just typed in “people ww1” in Pinterest.  I could spend hours there…

Here’s a link to information summarizing quite a few of the people highly involved in the war:

Our president at the time was Woodrow Wilson.  I really don’t know much about him other than that he resisted joining the war as long as possible. 


He was the 28th president.  Originally from Virginia.  Went to Princeton.  Was a professor. 

I respect him because of my dreams and hope for peace.  He did much to keep the U.S out of war from what I understand from what I’ve read.


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