Work-Life Balance

I found this refreshing article on balancing work and home.  Or the way it should be, integrating the two together.



It says to choose the 3 areas that are most important to you and focus on them as being the most important (and those things will always change, so know that) Everything else will fall into place.  Sounds obvious.

My Three are:

Religion it is most important to me to have a strong faith and live following God’s word
Working on my homes is something that is always on my to do list since I bought a house and said yes to Ken’s proposal.  Both houses need an extreme amount of work to be brought up to standards I would consider “normal” and I really enjoy the progress
Our Wedding duh.  Our Wedding is a huge thing!

So…so far I’ve learned about time management for outside of work that on my days off that I’ve found making a schedule of tasks with the amount of time it’ll take me to complete each task works the best.  I fill the whole 24 hours starting with 8 hours of sleep, all the way down to 10 minutes for prepping my next day’s lunch.

So I got my days off and my work managed but on the days that I work I never seem to get anything done.  I know I am because I’m busy the whole day but, that’s all just the same daily list. 

So I’m going to have to make a different kind of schedule for days when I work.  Prioritizing those three things most important to me right now seems like the logical start.

Luckily and unluckily I’ve got some extra time to sit here and contemplate how to make a workable schedule because I’ve no choice but not work today -that’s the lucky part.  Unfortunately the down time came because my Crohn’s Disease is causing some pretty stupid reasons for me to sit around.  I made the plans to come to the ranch this weekend but while Ken and everyone else heads out to go exploring I’ll be sticking close to the bathroom.  Even the view from the back porch is beautiful though, so I’m still having a good enough time!



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