Little Successes


I’m still trying to perfect my time management.  I got it now at work.  It’s definitely never boring in the Publix bakery.  Especially for a cake decorator.  Especially with this new Chantilly cake they just came out with.  It’s another one of their recipes where it’s so beautiful and delicious and sells so good that I hope whoever created the recipe got a big smooch.  From Publix.  In the form of a big bonus.


So again I gotta’ say that my 16th change is a total success.  Work is a hundred times better.

I need to find out how to work the out of work schedule more than anything right now.  I can’t imagine how people with kids that also work even have time to think.  With the extras of having two sisters growing into themselves in my house, planning my wedding, all these animals….I fell short even today on my day off because I slept in till eight thirty this morning instead of six and I’m staying up later because this quiche recipe of my grandma’s took an hour lounger to bake then she’d written down…

Anyway still trying different ways to figure that.

Reading the bible today.  Instead of following the plan I read in Leviticus.  It was explaining the Jubilee years, the Sabbath years for the land-like the Sabbath day every week for people.  No farming was to happen.  Enough would grow naturally to support them until the next year’s harvest.  The land would revert to it’s original owners.  That’s all very unique and interesting but…what caught me really was it saying that the people from Egypt were brought out of slavery and were not to go back into being treated as such.  Others could but not the Egyptians.  So I’m confused.  Obviously the people in the middle east are in the very center of where most of the biblical stories I’ve read have taken place.  So odds are through generations what they’ve known, been taught, etc. has been closer to the truth.  But then it makes no sense to me that no one seems to look into their religion more or they don’t try to explain it.  Obviously ISIS can hack so why wouldn’t they want to use that to explain their mission instead of acting like bullies in a school yard?  And why are people saying Jihadi John turned to be the way he did because of the way he was being treated?  If their cause is religious why aren’t they acting like it?!


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