World War 1 part 3/7

I can’t believe the amount of time I’ve spent reading on this subject versus the lack of progress I’m getting through the timeline of the entire war.  I’m learning so much though.  Really opens my eyes.  And the fact that I can bring up any fact I’ve read so far and my little sister Fran can tell me more about it blows my mind.  Freaking smarty pants.  She already knew who Archduke Franz Ferdinand was while I’m still trying to figure out what an archduke is.

Still on August 4th.  Wiki says: The Germans besiege and then capture the fortresses of Liège, Belgium.

I don’t really know what besiege means, and I’ve never heard of the fortresses of Liège. 

Easy enough, to besiege is to surround.  The fortresses of Liège were a real bitch to conquer it looks like:



This is where the Germans brought in “Big Bertha” the tanks. 



I watch my dude playing world of tanks a lot and holy creation this thing is big in comparison to most others.

Found a picture of the typical German attire and equipment at that time too:


August 5th 1914 the first shots from the allied side were fired in Australia at German Steamer SS Pfalz who returned to port where they were arrested.




Same day Montenegro declared war on Austria-Hungary.  Never heard of that country.  Looked it up and it’s a speck on the map by Bosnia. 

The Ottoman Empire closes Dardanelles that day also.  I feel like I’m reading another language, have I mentioned that?  Dardanelles is a Turkish straight connecting Europe and Asia.  Now how the hell do you close a strait?  Use a big sign?


August 6th Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia. Serbia declares war on Germany. 

August 7th the British Expeditionary Force arrives in France.  The Expeditionary Force was the part of the army that first went to war in Britain.  They got their butts whooped in the Battle of the Frontiers along with Britain’s 5th army. 

August 9th Montenegro declares war on Germany and the Battle of Togoland begins.  Togoland is part of Africa that the Germans controlled at the time but the battle ended with it becoming part French part British territory.  Take that ya big bully.

August 11th and 12th France and the United Kingdom declare war on Austria-Hungary.

Between August fifteenth and nineteenth the Serbians and Austro-Hungarians battle in the Battle of Cer (Cer is a mountain).  The Austro-Hungarians get scared and run but 4500 are taken prisoner.  First aerial fighting of World War 1.

August 17th The Germans defeat the Russians in a battle in east Prussia.  Considered a minor victory but the Germans had about 60,000 less people fighting…that’s some skill there Germany.

This is a lot of information.  I’m trying to condense what I can remember for now into these serven parts and I’ve gone through less than 20% of the timeline.  Not even detailed either!  Yes I’m learning a lot…but the next 4 parts are going to have to get me the more general understanding I’m trying to start with.   My goal here is to spend a week learning about the whole war not just the very very beginning. 

The problem is that the more I learn and understand the more I want to learn about WW1. 


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