World War 1 part 2/7


Still in July of 1914.  On the 24th Serbia prepares for war since it is expecting Austria to declare war on the 25th.  The whole situation sounds unnecessary.  There are lots of articles questioning what if this or that had happened instead so I won’t get into that, what’s done is done and for whatever reason.   Yes, it’s obvious there were ways it could have been avoided that’s a duh…but in the end would we be living a better or worse life now, over a hundred years later?

On the 28th 3 things happen.  Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.  Russia begins to mobilize.  The Netherlands scream that they are having nothing to do with this bullshit (they’re neutral).

On the 31st Germany tells Russia to put their pants back on (stop mobilizing) and Russia says, “chill dude.  We ain’t got no beef with you.  This is between us and Austria-Hungary.”

Evidently Germany wasn’t going to sit back and wait for Russia to beat up their friend so they declared war on Russia on August 1st.

Also that day Italy says it doesn’t want anything to do with any of this (they want to be neutral).

Also on August 1st Germany and the ottoman empire sign a secret treaty.  I have no idea what the ottoman empire is.  To me as ottoman is this:


So…the Germans evidently just wanted to make sure they didn’t lose their nice foot stools?

Nope that was way off!  The Ottoman Empire is a very very old Turkish Empire consisting of Sunni Islams.  Okay makes more sense, Germany covered their Turkish bases there.

The Germans wanted their alliance for easy access to Britain and The Ottoman Empire knew that since it didn’t have any time to recover from other recent wars it basically had to form an alliance with someone in order to gain strength.  They didn’t actually fight in the war until October.

On August 2nd Germany invaded Luxembourg.  Okay.  That sentence seemed pretty straightforward except for where’s Luxembourg?


Ahh okay got it. 

Germany justified their taking over Luxembourg by saying they had to use it to get to France.

Some beautiful pictures of Luxembourg and the Duchess of:






I would have been terrified in her position with only an army of only 400 against Germany.

Germany occupied them until the war ended.  Damn.

Also that same day the skirmish at Jonchery occurred.  Basically sounds like a small group of Germans were being stupid and even though the French had pulled back from their immediate border avoid conflict, the Germans went way too far over and then preceded to attack a group of French soldiers.   It was only 5 French and 7 German but it was the first fighting in that area.  And it sounds to me to have been stupid and pointless.  Ugh. 

From August 2nd-26th Wiki explains in actual english: Germany besieges and captures fortified Longwy “the iron gate to Paris” near the Luxembourg border, opening France to mass German invasion.

Germany is really starting to sound like a big jerk.

August 3rd, wiki still speaking English: Germany declares war on France. Belgium denies permission for German forces to pass through to the French border.

Okay Germany, you’re an angry drunk.  Go home.

August 4th 1914 Germany invades Belgium.  This isn’t just an invasion.  They claim it’s necessary in part of their plan to get behind and flank France.  However the way the invasion destroys people and properties is so horrible it becomes known as The Rape of Belgium.


Britain screams at Germany that Belgian is freaking NEUTRAL wtf!? 
Germany responds with an answer I can’t believe even came out of someone’s mouth, “That treaty was just a piece of paper.”

Really??  Well.  That wasn’t the answer Britain wanted so the United Kingdom declared war on Germany. 

Meanwhile off in the distance the United States whispers hey guys we’re going to sit this one out…


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