Work: My 16th Change


I’ve been trying to figure out what makes my job at Publix so much more exhausting physically and mentally than other places I’ve worked. 

I mean seriously?  The pay is awesome.  The benefits incomparable.  My co-workers rock.  Even the customers are nicer.  Nobody once complimented me on how beautifully I made their whopper!  Publix is a great company too!  Morally our goals align.  That’s big.  I hated McDonald’s and Wal-Mart for that, the things those companies stand for are straight up undefendably wrong.


There are quite a few ways it’s different the past jobs other than the obvious fact that I’m doing something different.  I can’t figure it out though because it’s way more tiring than an 80 hour week at Subway when I was running the store there or the 80 hour work weeks when I was doing full time at both Burger King and McDonald’s at once (yeah that’s right I’m a rebel).


The only differences are the music or lack thereof, the complete impossibility of ever finishing my job for the day (which doesn’t make me feel very nice ever though my bosses repeatedly tell me I’m doing great), and my mindset.  I know I think differently then I used to.  More settled down would perhaps be a great way to describe it?  Also this is the first job where I’m not going for a promotion.  I love decorating.  I have been the boss and I did a good job of it learned from it but decorating is my passion.

So maybe I need to find a way to bring motivating music into the equation.  Maybe I need to plan my day out when I come in each day, and make a realistic list of only what I can actually get done.  Perhaps if I set myself higher standards like getting a certain number of customer compliments, a perfect evaluation, or mastering a new decorating technique… perhaps I can dig out my motivation and with it bring back my energy. 

Serious need for change here.  Some people change for the better and I need to change for the motivation.  So here goes it. 


I’m going to change my day around. I’m going to get up earlier.  Get more ready (exercise before work etc).  I’m going to get there earlier.  We can clock in 15 minutes early -if approved- So if I get in there 25 minutes early that gives me time to walk and talk without working so I won’t be lost as to what’s going on when I clock in and Publix benefits since they won’t be paying me to greet my co-workers on my way to my station.  Win-win on that one mate!  Clocked in I’ll plan my day and then hit it, not skipping any breaks.  After work I’ll plan what I’m going to do until bed time.  No stress if I plan my after work activities and then missed them because I stayed late at work again.

My 16th change is to recover my motivation.


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