The 14th Change

A big part of my life has involved books.  I don’t understand people that don’t read books, it just confounds me.  Were do they go when they need a break from real life or want to learn about a new topic? 


I finished Kite Runner by Khaled Husseini and started listening to A Thousand Splendid Suns by him.  It really makes me appreciate both the wonderful life I was born into and the strength and will a person can have.


Picked up the book Finding Spiritual Whitespace a couple days ago, and just in the first pages it has already struck a strong note with me. 

When I saw the cover I thought it was whitespace in a different way.  I always associate smooth surfaces, neutral colors, and soft curves with God while I associate ugly darkness blacks and browns, a terrifying dreadful loud silence, and more forceful, gross shapes with harsh angles and strangeness to the devil.  So I thought by whitespace that’s what it meant.  Judging a book by it’s cover.

The first part of the book is telling me to find the whitespaces in my soul.  You know, those places in your past that you left there all covered up and did your best to forget about them because to dwell on them supposedly isn’t the strong thing to do?

So this change is going to be awakening my soul to rest.  Maybe I can stop chewing my cheeks and grinding my teeth.  This is going to take a little minute. I’ve had a very exciting life so I think I’m going to need a huge freakin’ shovel to start digging through my memories!


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