Oh the tragedy with the dogs couldn’t end with what happened before work yesterday could it?  I thought I’d bring home some Frosty Paws dog icecream because Sasha loves ice and so I wondered…

Bella’s had it before and she set about licking it excitedly the way one would invision a dog doing.  Sasha though.  Oh man.  It was like a great beast burst free at the very thought of icecream and she pounced on it, chowing down like it was a piece of steak.  How the hell she didn’t die of an icecream headache only God knows.

Icecream was all over by the time the beast wore itself out.  Damn it.

Then she went into heat.  Another mess.  Little sister go get her a diaper?  Nope she has no money left after buying her make up.  Oh the joys of being out on your own for the first time and discovering the budgeting journey. 

Today was better.  Woke up, looked at the weather and laughed.


Florida, are you drunk?

Went running this afternoon instead.  One mile down yo.


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