Tutorial Complete

In the wording of the avid video gamer I am I’ve completed the tutorial that is this week’s challenge.  I signed up for a full marathon next February right here in my own town.  Now I just have to pass all the levels and defeat the main boss.


I’ll start in the morning and get back into the habit of going before work.  It’ll help that they’ve switched my schedule to come in at eight instead of six supposedly for customer service purposes but I’ve yet to see how that’s helping there.   I’m just addicted to bed so it’s hard to get off it.

No luck yet on the patience front.  Running out of ideas on things to try to improve it.

The next challenge I’m going to tackle is organizing Ken’s bedroom.  It’s the result of to many years working too many hours and knowing nobody except him goes there anyways.  He’s so motivated to take his home to a new level it’s impressive. 


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