Memories Captured!


Had a wonderful Valentine’s Day…after I left work.  All I have to say about work is that I need to continue praying for patience.  Maybe pray for that more frequently also.  By golly.  Nothing to do with my actual job or Publix, just my lack of patience.

Ken got me these beautiful roses and made his awesome Alfredo that he’s now dubbed ‘Jackie’s Alfredo’ 😁 and after a bit of closer inspection I found this gorgeous ruby necklace hidden in the flowers.  I must say he’s starting to actually get me interested in jewels.  This one so brought back to me memories of my gerbil Ruby.  She was the purest of whites with the deepest and yet the brightest ruby eyes.  Never having seen an actual ruby I gotta give myself props now on the accuracy her name had been.

I think a lot of people toss gerbils in a category along with hamsters and ferrets but they’re definitely their own creature.  Ruby, for one was quite the grump.  Until I bought a little black baby gerbil who I called Flipper since the hyper little one ran so fast she often ended up going in a full 360 -yes that looked just as amusing as it sounds.  As I said Ruby was a grump until I carefully and patiently introduced Flipper into her life and then amazingly she got happier and became motherly towards the little one, even friendlier towards me.

I was absolutely torn apart the morning I came home from working an overnight at McDonald’s to have my grandma tell me that the space heater had almost burned up the wiring her old house but luckily they’d caught it and turned the heater off.  I remember how my heart seemed to stop then jump, then me running, crashing up the stairs.  It had seemed like it took a week to sprint up those stairs with thoughts of how cold and icy the night had been (this was Northern Illinois in the middle of winter) seeming to fill my consciousness.

Throwing open the door to my room I could almost see my breath and in my memory it seems like I was from the doorway to the gerbil cage in one giant step.

Flipper was gone.  The sight of her cold and limp was horrible.  The poor baby.  I can’t imagine the pain and it was so undeserved by such a sweet, tiny animal.

Ruby looked the same way.  Frozen, limp, somehow almost like a skeleton.  I could feel her heart though and I praised God for that in that moment.

Scooping her up I dashed to the bathroom where another space heater still sat.  Holding Ruby in one hand I had turned on the heater, closed the door, grabbed a wash cloth and sat down on the floor.

I sat there for hours praying, talking softly to her, rubbing her gently.  Blowing my hot breath over her.  Praying.

She eventually came around but was never the same.  She never got along with the baby I tried to get to replace Flipper.

What I’ll always respect though is her perseverance and her will to survive.  She didn’t become mean after that.  She didn’t become depressed forever.  She just learned to change and adapt.  Yes, she clearly grieved baby Flipper but she never stopped grooming herself or exploring when put in the ball to run.  She never stopped enjoying the special treats of fruits or shredding anything paper I would drop in.  That was an important lesson for me.  If Ruby could continue after what she’d lost, if she could figure out how to be comfortable in life after that, then surely we HUMANS can adapt better to any changes we face.

So thanks Ken for the ruby.  It means more to me then you have any idea.


On a brighter note (not that anything can be much brighter than the mistake I just made of trying to take a picture of that necklace with my flash on)…I finally got some pictures into an album.


Turns out I’m so behind that I have well over a thousand pictures that I need to deal with.  I spent all day yesterday trying to sort the pictures into some sort of organization.  Turns out I should do 3 albums.  One for my cakes, evidently I had 80 of them that I’ve deemed good enough to photograph so I’ll turn them into a sort of portfolio.  The next one will be all the pictures from when I moved to Florida in 2009 till now.  That’ll be the big catch up memory holding la dee da.  I see a week of my free time disappearing there!  Then I would like to do one with all the wedding planning and preplanning photos.

I can’t wait till this first one shows in the mail!  With coupon codes it went from $60 without including shipping or tax to $17 including shipping and tax.  Sweet deal!

On to my next challenge.  It in itself is one of the simplest.  It’s basically just me making a promise.  However the preparation and performing of the task to fulfill that promise just might be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I’m going to sign up for a marathon.

Stop wagging your tail Bella, this isn’t funny.


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