Creatively going through the paces


Wedding planning makes work more fun.  Possibly because what I do as a cake decorator often comes concerns weddings.  More likely because even though I am often using my creativity to create little works of art for our customers, there are lots of other tasks like making eclairs and right now dipping strawberries that don’t need my complete attention because they’re so monotonous.

Today after ten hours of dipping and packaging chocolate covered strawberries I’m doubly as glad I had already made the decision to have a chocolate fountain instead of predipped fruits for the wedding!

Right now I’m working on deciding what kind of card box I should get or make.  It seems pretty ridiculous to put so much time and effort into the details of one day.  I just have to keep reminding myself that it’ll be the start of my marriage, which I’m definitely excited about!  Ken is an amazing man.

After the card box I’ve got to decide on the favors, a garter, a veil, and he wants to do a sand unity ceremony which I’m not even exactly sure what that is…

Bella’s over the kennel cough thank God.  Of course I’m glad she’s better but I’m also very grateful that Max the macaw didn’t pick up that coughing and gagging noise.  Gross.


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