Choosing my next move


The week before last, my challenge was all about learning to play chess.  It’s actually a lot easier to learn than I thought.  I guess the nerd thing is just a facade.  Definitely fun, definitely would take quite a while to get old, and most definitely a mental challenge!

Last week was a bigger challenge.  Investing.  Technically I do already invest.  Publix is good like that, giving you stocks, managing other stocks for you, things like that.  That’s all good and all but I don’t want to have all my eggs in one basket.  Then there’s the well-known advice to have a widespread portfolio.

Sitting down and reading about investing in all my free time I decided to start with stocks, get to know that area, then move on to the next area.  Buying stocks makes you feel very accomplished!  Big confidence booster.

This week I’m going to put together a photo album on shutterfly.  I was already going to make an album but I got some great coupons for shutterfly when I bought my wedding dress yesterday (!!!!).  Sure we all have our phones and computers now where we have dozens of albums and thousands of memories, but the physical album sitting in your home for you or your guests to pick up and take a stroll down memory lane is an experience all on it’s own level.


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