Curves in the path

God wants to make sure I never get bored.  That’s for sure.

The two newly rescued dogs seem to be improving, slowly but we’ll get there.  Poddy training is no joke, and walking three dogs instead of just Bella is a lot more exciting.  At least the fleas are gone! 

Speaking of Bella though, she’s got what is most likely according to the vet Kennel Cough.  I verified with the vet that walks around the neighborhood and the swim in the river wouldn’t have caused this so I was pretty unhappy when the last culprit ended up being the doggy daycare I’ve been taking her to.  I called the daycare, K9 Kampus but they made it clear they didn’t care.


I feel so bad for my pup.  All I was trying to do is make sure she had enough mental and physical simulation and now she’s miserable, puking constantly, gagging, coughing.  For the first time she could care less about food or going on walks, she just wants to sleep.

While my sister’s took her back for a second visit yesterday I had to drive to the courthouse in Orlando.  After they found some funds my dad had in a financial portfolio they now have to reopen my dad’s probate case and here we go again with that.  Luckily my lawyer remembers my case as he says how could someone forget someone who had 5 different names?  My dad was an awesome, interesting guy.

Got my older sister her plane ticket to come down here in June for my wedding.  I can’t wait to see her!

Well back to the bakery, now that super bowl is over it’s time to gear up for all the love of Valentine’s day.  Come here Pinterest, Publix needs you…


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