This must change!


This morning I was reading an article from The Simple Dollar about “The Golden Handcuffs”.  I was suprised that there is a term that so accurately describes what so many people are going through right now.  The main gyst of the term means that you’re working in a job that pays well and has decent benefits but something; wether it’s too big of a workload, an unequal balance between life and work, or unjust expectations…but something is making that job clearly not the one for you.  Even with that problem there’s the added stress of knowing that they’ve slapped the golden handcuffs on you and you’re stuck.  At least you’re stuck until you are financially able to leave the job.  Well that’s the gyst, here’s a link to the article which also explains how to pull a Houdini on those handcuffs. 

The Golden Handcuffs

Last week I was laughing at my dog digging through her overflowing toybox to find some certain toy.  Then my youngest sister started telling me about how her boyfriend lives with his parents and that they have 3 dogs there, but that she feels SO bad for 2 of those dogs because they have no toys.

So of course I say that she can take some of Bella’s toys over, but why does one dog have toys and the other 2 don’t?

What she told me shocked me.  Seriously.  One of the dogs belonged to her boyfriend’s dad and that dog was the one that had toys.  The other two were dropped off at there house by his sister because of one excuse or another she basically didn’t feel like having them any more.  Hmm.  Wonder what’s going to happen to the kitten they said she got last week?

Oh I can see how so far you would wonder why this would shock you but let me tell you more. 

So the two dogs are abandoned to the parents and the parents had them in cages, in a room with no lights, no water or food except when they were taken out twice a day to go to the bathroom.  Never bathed, never played with, and obviously no vet care.  When they couldn’t hold it till the next time they were let out they obviously had no where to go to the bathroom except in the cages.

Who can do this and live with themselves?

Both my younger sister’s went and got the dogs and took them to the vet.  Snoopy, a miniature dachshund has an ear infection, is underweight, no front teeth, and his skin is like leather due to the skin all over his body being infected.  Sasha is a black cocker spaniel.  She has evidently not been groomed since before Jesus was born because she has dreads.  Blind in one eye she couldn’t really see out of either since her hair covered her face.  She has a hard time standing since her paws need to be trimmed which gives me the giggles because between the sliding and the hair, she’s Michael Jackson as a dog. 

Neither dog is fixed, and Sasha’s obviously had a couple litters.  Both are being ‘re poddy trained, they obviously once were. 

The worst part is they both are the sweetest happiest little dogs I’ve seen long as I can remember which is saying a lot with all the dog parks I go to! 

So now we are making it our mission to change these dog’s lives and find them a good home.

Sasha before hair cut
Sasha after hair cut

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