Road Block

I know we all go through our emotional ups and downs but mine always feel so extreme.  When I’m up I feel so motivated and hopeful.  When I’m down I feel so depressed and lazy.  Last week I was down.  I didn’t get much done, I went from sad to mad and back again.  My patience was at an all-time low.

I see that I’m luckier and have more to be thankful for than almost anyone I know so I can’t understand why my moods get so stupid.

Feeling better today.  Life’s just going to go the way God means it

Having a hard time comprehending how my dreams can come true in conjunction with Ken’s if he won’t share them with me.  All he says is that he just wants to be with me.  Then a bomb is dropped here and there with a seemingly obvious to him fact like his financial situation is very very different from mine or him thinking the wedding is all about the bride turns into he wants to decide most things about the wedding.

Going to a bridal show later today to gather some more ideas, then I’m going to catch up on my paperwork and plan meals for the week.  I’ve learned the past couple weeks that having lunches made the night before makes it about a hundred times more likely that I’ll be saving money and eating healthier on my lunch that day…obviously. 

Shopping for a new car because it’s just not going to work out the best financially using Ken’s extra car once all the maintenance is caught up on it.  Car shopping is about annoying as wedding planning.  On gosh.  The research, the decision making, the excitement! 

Anyway…slightly overwhelmed.



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