The 11th, 12th, & 13th changes


This week I’m going to log ten miles with Bella on the walk for a dog app.  Dropped the car off to get an oil change then walked to a nearby park this morning.  A few awesome discoveries: a sign outside the Melbourne auditorium announced the “biggest bridal show in Brevard” will be held there this Sunday and there was a very informative little outdoor memorial that described all the basics of the American wars from the American Revolution to the Vietnam war.


So far this year has been wonderful.  I’ve made some great changes and I’m already seeing the results from them.  Learning to use my left hand is coming along rather swimmingly, it’s going to be quite a while before it’s comfortable but my handwriting is definitely improving!  My memory is another work in progress.  I desperately wish I remember exactly where I had read the line that nobody has a “bad memory” and anyone can improve theirs (excluding people with memory loss and medical conditions).  It seems like my whole life has changed because of this simple project.  I’m noticing things I can’t believe I missed before, I can already remember random things like page numbers and names better, and it’s only been two weeks!

Last week I focused on learning about lucid dreaming and remembering my dreams.  That’s another one that will be a work in progress for quite a while but with practice each night and a simple dream journal I feel like it’ll come along. I vaguely remember dreaming last night that I knew I was dreaming.  That’s confusing, whoa.

This week I’m going to focus as much as possible on plants.  I feel like I should understand the environment around me more than I do.  It’s an amazing planet.  Good job, God.  Also, I’m about to marry someone who knows way more than the average person about their environment.  We are a couple that enjoys eating things out of our own yards so knowing at least the basics will really help me. 


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