Take it like a lamb!

This week I’m studying lucid dreaming.  You spend so much of your life sleeping that it only makes sense to use that time wisely too.  It doesn’t take away from the amount of rest you’re getting and also is a valuable tool for studying yourself and allowing your subconscious mind a way to bring attention to things you may not notice otherwise.  I’ve done it before but it’s been years sense I’ve even regularly remembered my dreams. 

Keeping a simple dream journal to start, to help get my mind into the habit of remembering dreams. 

It’s funny how each change I make connects to future and past changes I’ve made in such a big way; I want to dream more, I’ve got to get enough sleep.  I want to sleep more, I’ve got to stress less.  I want to be ambidextrous, I’ve got to use different parts of my brain.  I want to have a better memory, becoming ambidextrous really helps strengthen those areas in my brain.  So on and so forth.

I’ve been pretty bummed the last couple days both at work and at home.  Maybe God’s testing me, but if he is then so far my conduct is failing the test. 

At home, I’m frustrated with the amount of things that need to get done that all seem to be top priority from supporting my older sister in her attempt to recover from drug addiction all the way to trying to be okay with my fiance that doesn’t seem to have any confidence in my intelligence and to top it off my roof’s leaking.

At work I’m frustrated because I want to get everything done, done right, and not have to stay late.  I’m tired so all I want to do is go home but at the same time I love decorating cake and want to be a great employee.

After rereading all this I see it probably is a test of sorts and this time I hope I can be persistant enough to be patient and just do what needs to be done.  No matter how I feel, the clock still only turns twice in a day.  God will make things better later like he always does.  So I’ll just shut up and take it like a lamb.


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