Time to use the sit

Been working my butt off since New year’s both at work and home.  I’ve made a list of 52 things I want to do by the end of 2015. I want to maintain the good habits I’ve formed in the last couple years but challenge myself even more.

Last week was to start working on being ambidextrous.  A lot of research shows that it helps your brain function at a higher level.  Helps you activate both hemispheres of your brain which can help in a lot of other areas.  Also…it helps your brain be stronger in the memory department.  Nothing but pluses there. 

Started easy so far.  Well no let me reword that- started with what SOUNDED easy.  In reality it’s quite difficult to do seemingly simple things with my left hand (I’m a righty).  When I label and date things at work, I’ve been writing with the left.  Brushing my teeth with the left.  Texting and even using the airbrush on the easier cake designs using the left.  This will definitely take some time and practice!

This week is all about improving memory.  After some reading on the subject I’ve found what I usually do when researching: a common thread through all the different writings on the subject.  Some of these are to focus on the now, observe.  Get enough sleep and exercise.  Don’t eat shit or drink like a whale.  Meditate or journal.  Try being ambidextrous and learning a new skill or language.

Observing and focusing is hard.  Once you start really focusing on the present moment you realize just how much you’ve been missing and how unobservant most people really are, probably because of multi-tasking. 

A couple exercises I’ve been doing are; to focus on the customers coming into the bakery and trying to remember their names, look at an object or small area then look away and see how many details I can recall about it, and playing some memory improving apps on my phone. 

It’s absolutely insane how much of a difference these small changes have made already!  I was laughing with a co-worker today about never having noticed just how many of us ladies dye our hair.  We think we found one customer in the two hours we looked.  Silly.


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