What one day can Change



I’m sure that anyone old enough to read this sentence knows what a difference a single day can make.  Yesterday was a great day and I know it changed a lot of things.  When you think of one day changing a lot normally you would think of huge things in your life happening like losing a loved one, getting a new job, or something even more unthinkable like 9/11.  Then other days are more like yesterday.

I went through my day yesterday trying to keep my mind focused on the present to observe and learn as much as possible.  One thing I know that is going to cause tremendous change for myself and hopefully everyone else that visits the Kennedy  Space Center is how much we’ve done, how much we’re going to do, and what is currently happening in the field of space travel and research.  Those people are so dedicated and doing so much!


It made me really just feel like such a dumb unmotivated American in a lot of ways though because in comparison to all  those people that have been working so hard and getting so far, what am I doing to help us as a planet move forward?  I didn’t even know what was going on up there!


Another thing  that happened was much  more subtle but could have huge effects in the future life of my youngest sister.  She’s doing amazingly well in most aspects but seems to be on the verge of following the path of the normal and make some not so good decisions.  I am trying to  help out both of my younger sisters by providing them with a house and car, with the only real guidelines being  that they have to keep everything clean and  maintained and pay half the utilities and car insurance.   Sometimes you can only truly learn through experience but I hope that my youngest one is able to choose a wiser path then moving to a place with 3 other room mates just so that she can stay with her new boyfriend daily and not be nagged to pick up after herself.  She can do that later but right now without a car an only having 25 hours a week at work it just seems foolish to me.  But we all change.  The subtle thing that happened that I am hoping can help push her in the right direction is our family friend got her to agree to go out to lunch today to help her think things through.


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