New Experiences

This week has been awesome.  I’m exhausted but completely satisfied and not at all overwhelmed by all the new changes.  I’ve made it out to walk Bella most days, and I’m back with tracking my food with that Fitness Pal app.  The ability to pull up nutritional information on anything before you eat it and have it automatically let you know where you’re needing improvement is invaluable to me,

I’ve also studied Spanish almost every day this week.  My learning curve on that is just slow. Period.  But the good news is that with continued study,it’s not like I’ll get any worse.

Taking time everyday to read a bit out of the Bible using one of the Study tracks that is suggested in the front of the bible is keeping me at peace and my mind centered on the big picture and what really matters.

I was shocked and deeply effected by something that happened to my boss today.  His daughter called him and he had to leave and run home because his dogs had killed one of their cats.  It’s shocking, nobody was home and the animals have lived well together for years.  I’ve never seen my boss lost like this, he’s a very strong guy.  All I wanted to do was comfort him but what do you say to something like that?  And his poor daughters!  I can’t imagine what could have happened between the animals, the whole situation just makes one wonder.  Yes we have our regular conscious thinking processes and opinions and reactions but…just like different species and breeds of animals, maybe our instinctual reactions are all different.  We can never find out what happened in that house that day, and truly I bet nobody would want the details.  What I DO wonder is if there’s anything to be done about overcoming those not so good instinctual reactions like anger.

Tomorrow is my little sister Chantel’s 21st birthday.  She’s such a good girl!  She refused to even take a sip of alcohol a week too soon.  How we can be so different is beyond me..I think I drank more before I turned 21 than after.

Tomorrow during the day my two younger sisters and I are going to meet up with my fiancé at Kennedy Space Center to see what there is to see and learn there.  Yes it is expensive but knowledge to me is VERY worth the money.  Also, I’m desperately hoping the money is really going towards the space program!


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