We made a year!

Ken and I went on our 1st date a year ago today to his company Christmas party.  We went to this year’s party last night.  It’s a great group of people and I’m happy to see them all again.

A friend of ours has been having quite a few issues that we’re hoping to help him out with today.  Nick’s a friend that has gone out of his way countless times to help me and it’s hard to find opportunity to help him out in return. 

He’s been in the process of opening a pressure washing business for over a year now.  The pressure washer he got was faulty and in getting it fixed with someone under the manufacturers warranty, they messed it up much further.  Trying fix it himself he ran into a dead end trying to get parts from the manufacturer.  At the same time Publix is lowering his hours because our store isn’t budgeted for another full time employee in the bakery so by policy they can’t continue scheduling him full time hours.  He’s been very upset about that since he sets strict financial goals for himself.  As if all that isn’t enough, his car keeps dying.

That’s where I come in since he thinks the problem stems from his diy job installing the stereo.  I’ve installed my fair share of stereos so today I’ll pull his deck and see if I can’t figure where the problem lies.

Ken, being the master of all trades that he is, is going to set about trying to piece the pressure washer back together. 

So it looks like we have an interesting day set start our second year together!


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