Challenging myself

I really, really do not want to exercise.  I’m tired, I’m busy, I’m sore already with head aches and stomach aches.  I don’t want to take the extra time and pay the extra costs to eat right.  I just want to lay on the couch and read and play video games all day while eating fast food, preferably that delicious pasta that Dominoes delivers now.  Just saying.

Obviously if you’ve been following these posts I hope you know that what I want isn’t what I’m going to do.  That would end very badly for both Ken and I considering how he would most likely be happy to do just the same and relax with me, probably changing it up by dragging me out to eat sushi sometimes.  Several heart attacks and many Xbox gamer points later we would be in mostly the same place that we are right now with a couple new layers of fat on us…

Ken is almost twice my age so that means that if I choose to go that route (which an unsettling number of Americans seem to choose) then our marriage will not last nearly as long.  Whether he realizes it or not, Ken and I are about to become some seriously healthy people.

One more thing that I must include here is that I really REALLY love my dog, Bella (aka Bla Bla).  She is just as unhealthy as us but her opinion on the subject is not one of wanting to stay home and chill.  So she’ll be the only one in this trio that will be happy about getting healthy, at least to start with.

I’m going to make myself a 100 day challenge, posting in increments of 10 days.  If it takes 21 days to make a habit stick, this should work perfectly.


Day 1 (today): We’ll take a walk for exercise, and I will stop promoting our nightly drinking.

Day 2: We have his company dinner party to go to in the evening, so I’ll see if the hotel we’re staying at has a workout room or pool and since drinks will definitely be served and drank I can get us some good smoothies to hydrate in advance

Day 3:  We may stay in Orlando for the day and get our exercise by walking the Disney resorts seeing their Christmas decorations but if we come back to the Melbourne area instead we can take Bella to the beach.  That exercises all of us with one shot plus we need to gather more shells in preparation of our June Beach wedding!  In Orlando there are dozens of great restaurants all with healthy eating options and beachside the seafood is abundant.

Day 4: It’s going to be a long, long day at work in the bakery but if I pack lunch and snacks we can grab or make a healthier dinner.  The nice thing about Publix is that the Aprons program gives you a recipe and puts all the ingredients in a case together easy to grab!  We’ll have to force ourselves into walking Bella that night…

Day 5, 6 , and 7 will repeat Day 4….it’s Christmas time in the bakery…

Day 8 (Christmas Day):  I’m going to shoot for taking Bella to the beach first thing in the morning before hitting up the family lunch in Orlando, I’ll have my kitchen and car stocked with healthy food and snacks so we won’t overeat the bad stuff toooooo much.

Days 9 and 10: Oh the horror of putting the Bakery back together and rushing to change the decorations over to New years…repeat of days 4,5,6, and 7.





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