It’s amazing how every time I pick up my bible I really learn more than I was expecting.  Never anything I expect but always just what I need just then.  Today was reading in Mathew about how you’re not supposed to burn the candle at both ends.  No problem obeying that Jesus, I’ll get my eight hours of sleep every night from now on and not feel guilty about it anymore.

I finally got a call back and an e-mail from 2 different volunteer opportunities.  That’s a good start in more than one way.  First of all it’s an opening to get into volunteering and secondly it shows where my first problem to solve will be.  Seems that there is a severe lack of organization between possible volunteers and needs that require volunteers.

Worked on our Save the dates today, we’re going with a really funny one, I’ll post when we pick one of the 3 I made.


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