Daily Peace

My biggest obstacle is myself.  Specifically my attitude.  More specifically my temper.  To be even more specific it’s my lack of having any patience with anything.  I want everything to happen now!  I don’t want to wait years to be out of debt!  I don’t want to read the entire bible in a year, I want to know it all now! 

I have no patience with others.  I want everyone to know and love me.  I want them all to understand me.  I want everyone to have patience and forgiveness for me even when I don’t for them.

I have some stupid attitudes, not conscious decisions I’m making mind you! 

Something gave me pause today though,  hours after I actually begin typing this up.  Ken and I had yet another miscommunication over the wedding planning and that was about the last of my hoping this wedding would be nice.  I started getting mad, furious, about to argue.  Then shut my mouth and prayed.

My life will turn out the same way no matter how I feel on the inside.  How I act on the outside reflects that though and I’m horrible at faking happiness. 

Praying for God to fill me with peace did just that. 

I’m at peace right now but I feel like I’m at a fork in the road and I don’t know where either path leads. 


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