Today began with an email from the new company that owns Saab explaining why they are asking for even more time for reorganizing the company.

I’m finally going to call shenanigans and I hereby stop here to give Saab my best wishes.  I hope that somehow, someday, saab will be rekindled as the great dream of a company that it once was.  For now though I see that What general motors has done to the company has of not ruined it for good, has at least set it on a path that will take years to recover from.  So that leaves me in quite an awkward situation here.

Like I mentioned in my last post, we have 5 cars.  They all run…somewhat.  The ’80s Saab and Mercedes are to be sold.  The TA needs a little tlc, as does the mustang.  But the Honda Hybrid is the star of the bunch right now.  Obviously we don’t need all these vehicles.

With all this in mind a reorganization of my own seems to be in order.  Everything changes and clearly my own life has since I last set life goals for myself about 2 years ago back when I lived in Key West. I did good as far as those goals: I got the Saab I wanted, I bought and paid off a house I love, I’m happy with my job, I’ve knocked down more than half of my debt, I eat and drink much healthier now, I journal pretty regularly, I’ve taken half the available cake decorating courses, and not to mention I’ve found my life partner!


I’m going to stop here and take a lesson from Saab.  I need to reorganize, but unlike them I need to do so BEFORE finding myself at that critical line that is falling to rock bottom or continue climbing upwards.  The ledge I’m standing on now has a great view and its tempting stay here but I imagine if I continue climbing the view will be even better, not to mention the ground under my feet at the top will be less likely to crumble and fall.

So here’s what I hope my future will bring working backwards:

5 years: I hope I’m a good wife to Ken, I hope we’re living together about to purchase the land and home we want while my older sister lives in the house I currently own.  I hope I’m active in the community volunteering and making a change.  I also hope my faith is so strong it’s unshakeable.

1 year:  I hope I’ve conquered the last of my temper and stress issues.  I hope we’re about halfway through a great first year of marriage and both of us are out of debt and all unnecessary clutter is gone.  I hope I’ve finished the last half of the decorating classes available in this area.  Also, I hope I’ve started forming strong bonds and friendships with everyone in my daily life in Christ’s name and can lead the way and shine the light by example.

3 months:  I hope the wedding is mostly planned and taken care of.  I hope I’ve started regularly exercising myself and my pup.  I hope I’ve begun and maintained giving each day my all.  Also, I hope to get into the habit of living on a much stricter budget. 


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