What is it about cleaning and organizing your belongings and yourself that makes you feel so much better?

Cleaned one of the cars (between us we have 5), got his house as clean as I could, washed the dog, washed the macaw, and got my eyebrows done.  I’m no longer an Ernie and Bert lookalike and we’re 23 writing pins richer after cleaning the car!

Thanksgiving week is to say the least, exceedingly busy in the bakery but most of us prefer it that way.  So much to give thanks for just in the last year that I couldn’t even begin to write a list.

Tried rock climbing for the first time this week.  Holy crap I thought with being a cake decorator my hands would be strong but evidently not. 

Still having a hard time finding someone that needs a volunteer and replies to my application.  I am getting more and more flabbergasted with the more time that passes with nobody seeming to want my help.  What can my next step be then, forcing myself on charities to let me help?!  This is ridiculous!


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