The Ninth Change

Getting more done requires more rest.  Plain and simple.

Cutting my to do list down to alerts on my phone for appointments and bills along with a few goals to complete each day has gone a long way to taking the stress out of being productive.

Church today mentioned always remembering the Sabbath, which has been on my mind for a while.  I’ve always thought that everyone was supposed to take off Sundays and not work but after scouring through my bible this morning and some online reading on the topic in the past, I don’t see where anything requires each person’s Sabbath to be each Sunday. 

I normally get two days off a week (or at least one).  The last 2 week’s I’ve chosen one of those days and done nothing on those days.  I do feel better knowing I have a day of rest coming up. 

As for church there are many churches in the area I live where I’m free find a service at a time my work schedule allows. 

What a weight off my shoulders.

Read a few articles about how to be a good Christian wife also.  I want to start my marriage off right.  I was shocked by what I read over and over.  I agree with a woman needing to support her man.  Of course.  That’s a given.  What surprised me was the expectation of the wife to still be the sole homemaker even while working full time.  I feel so lucky that I have such a wonderful man who shares an equal amount of housework with me since we both work full time.  Not only that, but that also both have jobs we love that are well paying and meaningful.

The point of this new change is to share the load when needed and rest when required to maximize productivity and give new ideas time to form.


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